Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2008

short biography

7:07 28 th of april 1984: my mother brought me to earth while my father was buying croissants

· 7:30 21 th of march 1987: getting late to my first day of kindergarden cause I lost my pet on the way

· 15:30 may 1990:I told my mother on the way to the school interview that I will not say any word and I didnt

· 12:00 28th of september 1993: drinking hot chocolat with the neighbour cause I forgot again my keys

· 18:00 3 th of january 1997 the washing machine got broken cause I left some hairneedles in my pockets

· 16:03 5 th of april 1999 my mother threw all the untided things from my room out of the window

· 7:30 1 th of august 2000 feeling ill and staying at home cause I have an exame in school

· 20:00 4 th of july 2004 getting lost in London get find by my first boyfriend and stay there for 1 year

· 22:40 7th 2005 go to the hospital in spain and take the pill after

· 20:15 26 th of 2006 loosing the fly to ibiza cause of the timeswitch

· 9:00 23 th of november 2006 first cancer check

· 19:00 2 th of june 2007 getting my first job in the company of sasha waltz

· 12:00 24 of october 2007 attend a workshop about DOGMA with Rogerio Nuno Costa and forget the task

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