Samstag, 21. Juni 2008

to do list 3:

  • urgent & important:

-pick up the result from HIV-test
-call Apple strore
-put room anouncement
-fill application forms for the university and give me time to really prove if I want it
-put me in the list for IFA job
-call Claudia
-call Tajana because cleaningjob

  • important but not urgent:

-call Basti for get the money from GASAG
-call Brandes for get my flatsecurity
-tell Christian that i wont do the GFK basis course because its to much new things in my life
-remind Natascha to pay me the money
- appointment for contraception"Portiocup"
-give me time to think about what makes me so sad at the moment
-tell my mum that I love her

  • not important but urgent:
-ask Phillip about fasting cause my stomach fucking hurts
-call Simon to book the flight

  • not urgent & not important:
-invite Verena and Tom to come on thursday to Yogaclass
-Write down in my diary the nightmare from last night about my fathers death

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