Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2008

to do list 4

  • important and urgent:

- call Maria to organize Italy

-Cleaning and buying food

-clear the fight with Uta

-pick up juwellery at Verenas house

-book the flight to lisbon

-send documents to the finance office

-pick up my rechargeable laptop-battery sponsered by apple

-observe when I get my leg pains and which are stress situation

  • concerning my education:

-find a way to get out of the black-white thinking about my path of life

-call employment center

-find out about the grant from the agency "Bafög"

-find out about the age restriction from my hlaf -orphan pension

-send to Mrs.Geisler my application documents

  • important but not urgent

-remit Alex the money

- deposit bills to my health insurance

-letter Basti

-to pay in 300 Euro to my saving account

  • urgent but not important :

-buy deodorant ,gel and conditioner

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