Freitag, 11. Juli 2008

Day one

It was a really exhausting day-talking,talking,talking,listening,thinking-BRAINFUCK!
Again and again I was stressed and felt lost.Giving a presentation , videokameras with 101 unknown spectators...
We started to work, we tried to find a focus.The topic of my project is a real wound and I still feel that I have to fight so much for balance, inner focus and inner peace. Its such a big question and task to find a way to be happy and enjoy life.
To deal with that in the curators house is opening wounds!
I did published a wound without showing anybody how it affects me,how it challengens me and confronts me with so many things.FUCK I am so emotional!
I presented my project in front of the others. I am paniced because I dont know how to go on,I cant relax and trust ,
I WISH I WAS IN PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel at the wrong place.I am not an artist-I am a human-suffering paralisis me and brings me away from beeing creativly productive.I NEED TO
-good plan for tomorrow!
How could I expose me with such a personal topic ?
What kind of potential has the context at the curators house? Is it just able to open wounds without potential to heal them aswell

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